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Amazon 5-Star reviews.

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My son and I absolutely LOVE this book! 

I have so much fun reading it to him and he can hardly wait to read it again! I get to pretend to be each animal as I read it in my funny voices. It definitely brings the child out in me. My son knows all of the character’s names and they are all adorable. It is such an interactive experience for both the child and the parent; very magical indeed. The book not only emphasizes a great value system with its loving messages but it also opens up and expands the imagination. It captivates and encourages a child not only to have a love for books but also to want to read and become immersed in the colors, sounds, and the heart of it. 

– Jacki Simone-Elliott, Agape International, Studio City, CA


Great book for kids!


The messages and the visuals are the two great keys to A Friend Indeed! Not only is the book beautifully illustrated, it has a valuable theme of friendship and teaches rhyming at the same time. Children can learn from this book, especially if an adult helps them to understand, the value of friendship. This is a book to use to teach children lessons when they are forming friendships or having social challenges. I would highly recommend this book to put under the Christmas tree, the Easter basket or just because! – Nancy Mramor PhD, Pittsburgh PA


Feel Good Book!


This colorful, imaginative, feel good book, is exactly what we need today. Imagination abounds. When I was done reading it, the colors and the friendship that pours out of the pages made me feel toasty and loving all day. Thank you for welcoming me to visit Imagination Land anytime I use my imagination. My Child within can’t wait to share it with every Child from 0 to 100 years old. – Cynthia Z. Balouris-Pyzdrowski, Associate Broker, GRI, CRS, ABR Pittsburgh, PA


An Amazing Experience!


If you are an adult and you want to revisit the sweetness and innocence that encompassed the best parts of your childhood, this book is for you. You will be immersed in colors, you’ll smell the fruits that make up the river and you’ll bask in the glow of friendships that remind you what the word friend really means. I highly recommend this book for children and

adults of all ages. – D. Fruchtman, Rancho Mirage, CA 



A Friend Indeed is a thrilling experience and journey for children of all ages as well as adults which helps them to learn the value of friendship as well as other character building qualities essential in this modern time.

~Linda Whitesell, Algonquin, IL



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