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A Friend Indeed (ages 4-8) is a 32-page beautifully illustrated hardcover picture book designed to creatively engage, educate, and entertain young readers. Carma wrote this book for her son, Michael Tyler. She wanted to share with him how important it was to demonstrate positive character traits. Michael enjoyed the rhyming text and adorable characters. The children in our pilot programs did as well. We believe your child will too!


​From the very first page, readers are invited to tap into their own creativity. By accepting this invitation, they have entered a very special place, Imagination Land.  The story follows 6 jungle characters and a dancing dragon as they prepare for the race to the top of Strawberry Hill. The winner gets to play all day inside Coconut Castle—the most amazing playground in the entire jungle.


As the race unfolds, each character focuses on winning but choices made from the heart

prove to be the best choices of all!

A Friend Indeed’s timeless messages of true friendship, being kind to one another, trying your best, telling the truth and making choices from the heart, are worth sharing with all of the children in your life.

A Friend Indeed's positive character messages have been shared with schools, churches, and organizations around the country as a Literacy Fundraiser. The Jungle Adventure Family show is fun and entertaining. The show includes a magnificent jungle backdrop, high-quality, plush character puppets, singing and dancing.  20% of book sales are donated to the organization.

Email Carma at today to book a show! You will raise awareness for literacy and raise funds for your organization.

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