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Editorial Reviews

A Friend Indeed is the book every parent and teacher has been waiting for ... the one that is most certainly a FUTURE CLASSIC! It has all the elements. A Friend Indeed is an engaging picture book coupled with a well-metered rhythmic story delivered in a masterful way! ... It is simplistic enough for children to follow, and pure in delivery, yet it carries a strong message for a child's character development. Studies have shown, time and time again, that when children are creatively engaged through colorful pictures, rhyming text (silent nod to Dr. Seuss), adorable and friendly characters and the freedom to utilize their wonderful imaginations, some magical things happen as the journey unfolds:

* Retention and comprehension rates increase dramatically * A love of learning is ignited * Children's creative skills develop and strengthen at a rapid rate

* Learning is fun; the life-long learner is born * The successful merging of education with the creative arts increases core knowledge.


Children LOVE to follow the lovable animal characters in A Friend Indeed through their jungle race, each hoping to be the first to get to Coconut Castle, and each one cleverly representing important elements in values education. A Friend Indeed is THE book that will help children build compassion and empathy along with independent thinking skills. As this heartwarming story unfolds, it demonstrates to the reader that when they trust their innate abilities, the head and heart align, and everyone is a winner! 

~Debbie Mancini, Publisher, Harmony Publications, Pittsburgh, PA


A Friend Indeed by Carma Lee​

Competition, winning at all costs and hurting others are replaced with kindness, cooperation and compassion in this new take on a race to the finish!

The vividly illustrated book A Friend Indeed follows a group of lovely animal friends through a race in a magical world. At first the friends are only concerned with winning the race until they begin to see others might be in trouble and choose to help rather than leave their friends behind. In the end, the friends realize that winning doesn't have to come at the expense of another person, that by being loving, kind and helpful we can all win! The characters are engaging, the plot is understandable to children, and the message is right on point for CwG parents. I came away from reading the book with a feeling of hope and lightness in my heart that children will learn a new way to show love through this book. 

Enjoy entering this magical world!

~Reviewed by Emily A. Filmore
Creative Co-Director,


A Friend Indeed is a wonderful addition to any school library, children's facility, and certainly, any child's personal collection of books. It utilizes the power of imagination and teaches so many of life's valuable lessons. In addition, the rhyming of the story holds the child's attention and provides an added element of fun to the book. The illustrations are excellent.

~Suzanne Stone-Former First Grade Teacher, Baltimore, MD


A Friend Indeed is a captivating book that creatively engages young readers from the first page. Very few picture books, in modern children's literature, deliver such a necessary, eloquent message of the power of compassion, good intent, and basic manners. In today's world, these positive character traits are vital to cultivate thriving friendships. A Friend Indeed taps the imagination and interest of the auditory, visual and hands-on learners. Adults will enjoy this wonderful book too! Through the Interactive Educational Guide, educators and parents have a gem of a resource for reinforcing the strongholds of building literacy. It's a fun read aloud full of alliteration, rhyme, magical pictures, and endearing animals that children will love to imitate.

~Megan Evers, Educational Therapist, Indio, CA


In a world where it seems as though technology is taking over, it's refreshing to find a book that focuses on relationships and friendships. With its its colorful illustrations, positive messages, rhyming verse, science facts, nutritional emphasis, A Friend Indeed, will delight young readers, showing them the meaning of good sportsmanship, and that winning is not the most important thing. Children will learn the importance of doing the right thing and helping others in need.

~ Patti Schnure, Assistant Head, Lower School, Marywood-Palm Valley School, Rancho Mirage, CA


A Friend Indeed is a multi-faceted work of art, incorporating imagination, movement, and exploration. Through the Interactive Educational Guide, a supplement to A Friend Indeed, Carma Lee has taken the ordinary children's book and transformed it into an effective instructional tool for both parent and teacher. The book encompasses academic skills, health & nutrition, social skills, vocabulary development, character education and so much more. A Friend Indeed offers many opportunities for parents and teachers to engage children in enriching discussions. Each time you read it, you'll discover another layer to explore. This book is a must have for every child's bookshelf and every teacher's classroom library.

~Stephanie Rosales, M.Ed., Licensed Educational Psychologist, Palm Springs, CA
A Friend Indeed ignites my daughter's imagination, time and time again, as it takes her on an adventure filled with hidden treasures. It raises her awareness about essential life lessons such as having compassion for others, the definition of true friendship and how you can win in life by making choices from an open heart. As a picture book or as a curriculum, A Friend Indeed is a one of a kind treasure for your school or home library. It is a priceless keepsake and makes a great gift too. ~Lisa Childers, Homeschool Mom, Salem, OR

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